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Derek Wilson is a well-established popular historian with over 70 books and numerous articles, TV and radio programmes to his credit. He specialises in the personalities, ideas and conflicts of the Reformation. He is also an enthusiastic writer of crime fiction. Sometimes he manages to wear these two hats at the same time, as in The First Horseman This is currently available as an ebook and will be available in paperback from 28 August.

Elizabethan Society

Elizabethan Society High and Low Life 1558-1603

There are books in plenty about what the Elizabethans wore, what houses they lived in, what they ate, etc. But what is more important is WHO THEY WERE. Elizabethan Society is exactly what the title says, It’s about real people, how they related to each other and how they made society work. It’s packed with fascinating detail about men and women, famous and obscure, whose interlocking stories were Elizabethan Society. Meet them in this book and get the feel of a vibrant age. Published on 15 May by Constable Robinson. Amazon [here...]


Hot on the heels of The First Horseman comes the second in the series of Tudor crime mysteries, The Traitor’s Mark. It will be available as an ebook from 14 August. When his friend, royal painter, Hans Holbein, goes missing Thomas Treviot is plunged into a perilous investigation that reaches to the very top of Tudor society.